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  • NSC Working Papers

    The Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre (NSC) Working Paper Series is an online publication series which provides an avenue for swift publication and wide dissemination of research conducted or presented within the Centre, and of studies engaging fields of enquiry of relevance to the Centre.

Early Voyaging in the South China Sea: Implications on Territorial Claims by Michael Flecker

NSC Working Paper No. 19
Download - nscwps19.pdf

The Buddhist Heavens 天: Source Manual for Iconographic Research on the Buddhist Universe, Part II by Ataru Sotomura

NSC Working Paper No. 18
Download - nscwps18.pdf

Exploring Cam Narrative Sources for History of the Cam Diaspora of Cambodia by Nicolas Weber

NSC Working Paper No. 17
Download - nscwps17.pdf

Maritime Southeast Asia: The View From Tang–Song China by Geoffrey Goble

NSC Working Paper No. 16
Download - nscwps16.pdf

Persians and Shi'ites in Thailand: From the Ayutthaya Period to the Present by Christoph Marcinkowski

NSC Working Paper No. 15
Download - nscwps15.pdf

The Lost Gatekeeper Statues of Candi Prambanan: A Glimpse of the VOC Beginnings of Javanese Archaeology by Roy Jordaan

NSC Working Paper No. 14
Download - nscwps14.pdf

Warriors Killed, Sliced as Cucumbers: Food Symbolism in the Martial Scenes of Old Javanese Kakawins by Jiri Jakl

NSC Working Paper No. 13
Download - nscwps13.pdf

The Śailendras Reconsidered by Anton O. Zakharov

NSC Working Paper No. 12
Download - nscwps12.pdf

Maritime Museums: Who Needs Them? by Stephen Davies

NSC Working Paper No. 11
Download - nscwps11.pdf

Locating Singapore on the Maritime Silk Road: Evidence from Maritime Archaeology, Ninth to Early Nineteenth Centuries by Kwa Chong Guan

NSC Working Paper No. 10
Download - nscwps10.pdf