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  • ISEAS Perspective

    ISEAS Perspective provides analysis of specific current events and their significance for the Southeast Asian region. This will be published occasionally, and is aimed at keeping decision-makers in both the public and private sectors informed; as well as scholars, laymen and the interested public.

2019 No. 17

2019/17 "Addressing the Felda Conundrum in Pakatan Harapan’s First White Paper" by Geoffrey K. Pakiam

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_17.pdf
2019 No. 16

2019/16 “The Approach of Elections in Trang, South Thailand — Part II: Economic Worries, Social Issues, and the Question of National Integration” by Michael J. Montesano

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_16.pdf
2019 No. 15

2019/15 "Neither Here nor There: Understanding the Stakes in Thailand’s 2019 Elections for Marginalised Communities around Chiang Mai" by Mark Heng

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_15.pdf
2019 No. 14

2019/14 “The Trump Administration and Southeast Asia: The Hanoi Summit and US Policy in Southeast Asia” by Malcolm Cook and Ian Storey

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_14.pdf
2019 No. 13

2019/13 "The Approach of Elections in Trang, South Thailand — Part I: Context and Competition" by Michael J. Montesano

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_13.pdf
2019 No. 12

2019/12 "The 2019 Presidential Election as a Referendum on the Economy: An Interview with Sandiaga Uno" by Hui Yew-Foong and Siwage Dharma Negara

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_12.pdf
2019 No. 11

2019/11 “The Implications of a Ma’ruf Amin Vice-Presidency in Indonesia” by Norshahril Saat

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_11.pdf
2019 No. 10

2019/10 "Perceptions of Inequality in Indonesia: A Matter of Partisan Politics?" by Burhanuddin Muhtadi, Eve Warburton and Aninda Dewayanti

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_10.pdf
2019 No. 9

2019/9 "Leadership Reshuffle and the Future of Vietnam’s Collective Leadership" by Paul Schuler and Mai Truong

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_9.pdf
2019 No. 8

2019/8 "Independent Churches in Indonesia: Challenges and Innovations" by Terence Chong

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_8.pdf