• ISEAS Perspective

    ISEAS Perspective provides analysis of specific current events and their significance for the Southeast Asian region. This will be published occasionally, and is aimed at keeping decision-makers in both the public and private sectors informed; as well as scholars, laymen and the interested public.

2012 No.22

2012/22 Big Power Contest in Southeast Asia

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_26Dec2012_Issue_22.pdf
2012 No.21

2012/21 Achievements of the 21st ASEAN Summit

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_20Dec2012_Issue_21.pdf
2012 No.20

2012/20 Can ASEAN Keep Aiming for New Goals without Having Reached Old Ones?

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_17_Dec2012_2_Issue_20.pdf
2012 No.19

2012/19 Rohingya or Bengali? Revisiting the Politics of Labelling

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_10Dec2012_Issue_19.pdf
2012 No.18

2012/18 Indonesia chairs APEC again but will 2013 be as cogent as 1994?

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_03Dec2012_Issue_18.pdf
2012 No.17

2012/17 Lessons Asia Can Learn from Europe

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_29Nov2012_Issue_17.pdf
2012 No.16

2012/16 The Resurgence of Social Activism in Malaysia

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_26Nov2012_Issue_16.pdf
2012 No.15

2012/15 Obama in Myanmar—A Visit with Limited Significance

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_19Nov2012_Issue_15.pdf
2012 No.14

2012/14 Making Remittances Work in Southeast Asia

Download - ISEASPerspective_09Nov2012_Issue_14.pdf
2012 No.13

2012/13 The Deficit Dilemma in Malaysia

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_07Nov2012-Issue_13.pdf