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  • ISEAS Economics Working Papers

    ISEAS Economics Working Paper Series is an online publication produced by researchers and associates of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Papers in these series are work-in-progress and are disseminated to generate feedback for subsequent publication in peer-reviewed outlets. Oriented at both researchers and policy-makers, the ISEAS Economics Working Paper Series seeks to share ongoing research that is relevant and rigorous. Contact: econwp@iseas.edu.sg

No. 2017-9

Industry Dynamics in Growth Triangles: The E&E Industry in SIJORI 25 Years On

Download - ISEAS_EWP_2017-09_Hutchinson.pdf
No. 2017-8

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Origin, Evolution, Special Features, and Economic Implications

Download - ISEAS_EWP_2017-08.pdf
No. 2017-7

Mind the Gap: Explaining Implementation Shortfalls in the ASEAN Economic Community

Download - ISEAS EWP 2017-07 Sanchita.pdf
No. 2017-6

The TPP: Truths about Power Politics

Download - ISEASEWP2017-06Cook.pdf
No. 2017-5

Dynamics of Ride Sharing Competition

Download - ISEASEWP2017-05Lee.pdf
No. 2017-4

Impact of TPP-11 on Japanese Manufacturing Affiliates in ASEAN

Download - ISEASEWP2017-04HayakawaShino.pdf
No 2017-3

Should Thailand Join the TPP?

Download - ISEAS_EWP_2017-03(2).pdf
No 2017-2

The Investment Chapter and ISDS in the TPP: Lessons from Southeast Asia

Download - ISEAS_EWP_2017-02.pdf
No 2017-1

Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements with Developing Economies: The Case of TPPA and ASEAN Member Countries

Download - ISEAS_EWP_2017-01.pdf
No 2016-5

Evolving Paradigms in Regional Development in Malaysia

Download - ISEASEWP2016-05Hutchinson.pdf