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  • The 31st ASEAN Summit
Highlights from the ASEAN Summit, the East Asia Summit and other meetings
  • The 19th Chinese Communist Party National Congress
Xi Jinping’s second term and its implications for Chinese foreign policy and Southeast Asia
  • TPP Revisited
The future of cross-Pacific and regional trade through the CPTPP
  • ASEAN-India Relations
Overcoming challenges, realising potentials and endless possibilities
  • Outlook at 50: Religiosity in Southeast Asia
An in-depth look into trends and transformations in the most religiously diverse region in the world

ASEANFocus Issue 6/2017

  • ASEAN at 50: Then & Now
  • Defining Southeast Asia's Geopolitical Identity
  • Thoughts from ASEAN Secretaries-General and Dialogue Partners 
  • The Genesis and Evolution of ASEAN Centrality
  • The Future of ASEAN
  • Champions of ASEAN Economic Integration
  • A Map of ASEAN'S Global Engagement

ASEANFocus Issue 5/2017

Download - WEB-ASEANFocus-0917.pdf
  • Analysis of the 50th AMM and Related Meetings
  • Is ASEAN a Community?
  • The Sino-Japanese HSR Race in ASEAN
  • Outlook at 50: Demographic Trends in Southeast Asia
  • Coping with an Ageing ASEAN
  • Insider Views: EU High Representative Federica Mogherini on ASEAN-EU Relations
  • Know Your ASEAN: SEA Games

ASEANFocus Issue 4/2017

Download - ASEANFocus_Jul_Aug17.pdf
  • ASEAN’s response to the North Korean Missile Tests
  • Challenges to Protecting Migrant Workers in Southeast Asia
  • Timor-Leste: In or Out?
  • Outlook At 50: Disruption and the New Economy
  • Marawi and the ISIS Threat in Southeast Asia
  • Know Your ASEAN: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity

ASEANFocus Issue 3/2017

Download - ASEANFocus0517WEB.pdf
  • Analysis on the 30th ASEAN Summit
  • Conversations on US Engagement in Southeast Asia
  • US-China Trade War
  • Survey Results: “How do Southeast Asians View the Trump Administration?”
  • Outlook at 50: Urbanisation in ASEAN
  • RCEP is the Only Game in Town
  • Know Your ASEAN – AHA Centre

ASEANFocus Issue 2/2017

Download - ASEANFocusMarApr17.pdf
  • Southeast Asia's Leading Diplomatic Voices Debate ASEAN Consensus
  • ESM Goh Chok Tong on the ASEAN Economic Community and Future of ASEAN
  • Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on ASEAN-Australia Ties
  • The Implications and Costs of Climate Change for ASEAN
  • Is the Singapore-Kunming Rail Link on Track?

ASEANFocus Issue 1/2017

Download - JanFeb17ASEANFocus.pdf
  • Priorities of the Philippines’ ASEAN Chairmanship
  • The Rise of Populism in Southeast Asia
  • RCEP, TPP and the Future of Regional Trade
  • Insider Views: Minister K. Shanmugam on Terrorism
  • Building an ASEAN Community through the ASEAN University Network
  • 2016 in Review

ASEANFocus Issue 9/2016

Download - ASEANFocus1216.pdf
  • The Implications of a Trump Presidency on Southeast Asia
  • The Fate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Trends in Defence Expenditure in Southeast Asia
  • Duterte and the Future of the US-Philippine Relationship
  • Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation: ASEAN’s Response to Future Financial Crises

ASEANFocus Issue 8/2016

Download - Issue8-Oct-Nov16-ASEANFocus.pdf
  • What happened at the ASEAN Summits and Related Summits?
  • Options for ASEAN to tackle the refugee crisis
  • Is the Philippines changing course under Duterte?
  • Power moves in the Mekong River?
  • Connecting the region through the ASEAN Single Window
  • Southeast Asia at Rio 2016
  • "Walking" with Jimmy Choo

ASEANFocus Issue 7/2016

Download - Issue7AugSep16ASEANFocus.pdf

  • ASEAN and the EU: Similarities and Differences
  • Aftermath of Brexit and its Repercussions on EU and Southeast Asia
  • Why the EU matters for ASEAN
  • Brexit's Impact on EU Businesses in ASEAN
  • Lessons for ASEAN from Brexit

ASEANFocus Special: ASEAN and the EU in Perspective: Brexit & Beyond Issue 6/2016

Download - ASEANFocus Issue 6 2016 August 2016.pdf