Termsak Chalermpalanupap

Dr Termsak Chalermpalanupap
Visiting Fellow
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Research Interest
Politics in Thailand; Thai political parties; social and economic issues in Thailand; and Thailand's role in ASEAN

Researcher’s Profile

Dr Termsak is from Bangkok. He is a visiting fellow at the Thailand Studies Programme of the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. Previously he had been a researcher on ASEAN political and security cooperation at the Institute’s ASEA Studies Centre. Prior to joining the Institute in July 2012, Dr. Termsak had served at the ASEAN Secretariat for nearly 20 years. His last post before retirement in July 2012 was director of the APSC Department’s Division of Political and Security Cooperation. Prior to joining the ASEAN Secretariat in early 1993, Dr Termsak had worked at The Nation, an English-language daily in Bangkok.


Current Research

Politics in Thailand; upcoming Bangkok gubernatorial election; changing demography and its implications in Thailand, where by 2100 the Thai population is expected to drop by 50% to just around 35 million; poverty and development gaps in Thailand; and the continuing saga of the Klong Thai (Thai Canal) in southern Thailand.


Selected Publications

  • Channel News Asia’s Commentary: Thailand has done well in taming the coronavirus pandemic, so what’s with these protests
  • ISEAS Perspective 2020/81 “Impending Cabinet Reshuffle: Prayut’s Dilemma”
  • ISEAS Commentary, “Thai Cabinet Overhaul in the Offing?”