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Research Officers/Associates - ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute
Mr Gerard Wong

Research Officer
Editorial Assistant for SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia

Research Interest(s): Development Studies, Poverty and development issues, Livelihood adaptation strategies, Political ecology of forest use and management, Illicit rural livelihoods in Indonesia
Email: gerard_wong@iseas.edu.sg 
Tel.: 68704513

Mr Kenneth Poon Jian Li

Research Officer

Research Interest(s): History
Email: kenneth_poon@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704526

Mr Mark Heng Shu Xun 

Research Officer

Research Interest(s): Cultural Geography and Urban Studies
Email: mark_heng@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704514

Mr Fauzan Arif Roslee

Research Officer

Research Interest(s): Contemporary Islamic thought; history of the Malay World; culture and religion
Email: fauzan_roslee@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704513

Ms Nur Diyana binte Zait

Research Officer

Research Interest(s): Islamic Studies
Email: nur_diyana@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704513

Ms Evelyn Tan

Research Officer

Research Interest(s): Southeast Asian Culture
Email: evelyn_tan@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704561

Ms Pearlyn Pang

Research Associate

Research Interests: Environmental geography, Climate sustainability, Political ecology, Geopolitics, GIS and remote sensing
Email: pearlyn_pang@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704514