Cassey Lee

Dr Cassey Lee
Senior Fellow
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Research Interest
Algorithmic Economics, Competition Policy, Institutional Economics, Political Economy, Complexity Economics

Researcher’s Profile

Dr Lee has held academic appointments at the University of Wollongong, Nottingham University Business School (Malaysia) and University of Malaya. Dr Lee received his PhD (Economics) from University of California, Irvine. His current research focuses on algorithmic economics, competition policy, structural change and political economy. He has published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Kyklos, Journal of Economic Surveys, Computational Economics, Journal of Asian Economics, and Economic Modelling. He is currently the co-managing editor of the Journal of Southeast Asian Economies and associate editor of the Journal of Economic Surveys, Asian Economic Journal and Asian Economic Policy Review.


Current Research

  • Algorithmic Pricing and Market Competition: Implications for – Competition Law and Policy
  • Structural Change and Premature Deindustrialization in Malaysia
  • Global Value Chain in Malaysian Manufacturing
  • Services, Agglomerations and Urbanization in Malaysia
  • Regulatory Reforms and Governance in Malaysia


Selected Publications

  • Lee, Cassey. (2020). “Economic Reforms in the Aftermath of Regime Change in Malaysia”, Asian Economic Policy Review, 15(2), 239-257.
  • Lee, Cassey. (2020). “Economic Voting and the End of Dominant Party Rule in Malaysia”, in The Defeat of Barisan Nasional: Missed Signs and Late Surge, edited by Francis Hutchinson and Hwok-Aun Lee. Singapore: ISEAS.
  • Lee, Cassey and Eileen Lee. (eds.). (2020). E-Commerce, ASEAN Economic Integration, and Competition Policy and Law. Singapore: ISEAS
  • Lee, Cassey and Wisuttorn Jitaree. (2019). “Structural Change and Urbanization:The Case of Peninsular Malaysia”, Thailand and the World Economy, Vol. 37(2), 26-38.
  • Menon, Jayant and Cassey Lee. (eds.). (2019). An Evolving ASEAN: Vision and Reality. Manila: Asian Development Bank.
  • Lee, Cassey, Dionisius Narjoko and Sothea Oum. (eds.). (2019). SMEs and Economic Integration in Southeast Asia. Singapore, ISEAS.
  • Lloyd, Peter and Cassey Lee. (2018). “A Review of the Recent Literature on the Institutional Economics Analysis of the Long-Run Performance of Nations,” Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol.32(1), 1-22.
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  • Lee, Cassey and Sineenat Sermcheep. (eds.) (2017). Outward Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN. Singapore: ISEAS.
  • Michael Schaper and Cassey Lee. (eds). (2016). Competition Law, Regulation & SMEs in the Asia-Pacific: Understanding the Small Business Perspective. Singapore: ISEAS.