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Annual Report

Annual Report FY 2016/17

ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute’s efforts to remake itself into a more dynamic institute continued apace in FY 2016/17. This entailed generating timely outputs and policy relevant perspectives and refreshing our academic research work on trends or issues in the region and beyond with long-term political, economic and socio-cultural implications.

Efforts to encourage our research staff to do relevant and well-informed analysis of regional events achieved considerable success. Advances in technology and the speed of news travel enabled dissemination of our products more efficiently. We worked with leading local print and electronic media. Singapore newspapers now regularly carry analysis by ISEAS researchers.

Using IT and social media to extend our outreach, the ISEAS website was updated to provide information to the public about activities and events at ISEAS. A “Commentaries” section was created to carry short pieces on contemporary and developing issues and events in the region. Facebook engagement was also introduced for feedback and researchers’ response to comments or queries from readers. Google analytics was applied to monitor and review our outreach efforts.

Our researchers contributed 95 short Commentary pieces and 76 issues of ISEAS Perspective. Our flagship annual, Southeast Asian Affairs 2017, and our three academic journals (SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, and Contemporary Southeast Asia) continue to be well subscribed.

ISEAS management and research staff have responded well to the need for revitalisation and improved outreach to readers.

For more details on these and other achievements, please download the report in PDF here.

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