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Vietnam Studies Programme


About the Vietnam Studies Programme 

Vietnam is a major Southeast Asian country with considerable strategic and political importance and economic potential.  It has a population of about 90 million and is a significant factor in the geo-politics of both continental and maritime Southeast Asia, the latter because of its claims in the South China Sea. It is an important and active member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 

The Vietnam Study Group works on critical issues relating to Vietnam’s internal situation:  internal political and leadership dynamics which affect domestic and foreign policies; mass organisations and social change; and socio-cultural issues, including Vietnamese ground sentiments on and perceptions of China and Vietnam-China relations. The Group also works on Vietnam’s relations with the major powers, especially China and the US and its role in ASEAN.     

Project: The Politics and Discourse of Chinese Natural Resource Extraction in Vietnam

Project: New Dynamisms in Vietnam’s Domestic Politics


Programme Coordinator

The Coordinator of the Vietnam Studies Programme is Mr Daljit Singh (daljit@iseas.edu.sg). Please contact him for further information on the Vietnam Studies Programme.


Current Researchers and Affiliates

Dr Ha Hoang Hop

Dr Jason Morris-Jung

Dr Huong Le Thu


Past Affiliates

ISEAS has a long history of hosting researchers and scholars who work on Vietnam.  Among those previously affiliated with the Institute are the following:

Dr Russell Heng Hiang Khng Dr Hoang Anh Tuan  
Dr David Koh Wee Hock Mrs Nguyen Kim Anh
Mr Nguyen Nam Duong Mr Le Xuan Sang
Dr Nick Freeman Dr Yul Kwon
Dr Omkar Lal Shrestha Dr Carolyn L. Gates
Mr Phan Le Minh Dr Nguyen Hong Thach



For upcoming seminars, the events section of the main ISEAS website 

Seminars over the past years:

  • Dr Ian Storey, Dr Jason Morris-Jung, Dr Huong Le Thu, Dr Zhao Hong, “The Implications of the Vietnam-China Crisis on the South China Sea,” 3rd June 2014.
  • Professor Peter Zinoman, "Vietnamese Colonial Republican: The Political Vision of Vu Trong Phung," 23rd May 2014.
  • Dr Huong Le Thu, “Trafficking in Persons in Vietnam: Responding to the Human Security Threat,” 22nd January 2014.
  • Professor Sorn Samnang, “The Preah Vihear Temple Case – What Happens Now?” 4th December 2013.
  • Professor Ngo Vinh Long, “The (Existential) Challenges Facing the Party-State of Vietnam: How will it cope?” 14th Aug 2013.
  • Mr. Le Hong Hiep, “The economic determinants of Vietnam’s South China Sea Dispute with China,” 2nd Aug 2013.
  • Mr. Le Hong Hiep, “The Political Economy of Vietnam’s Economic Relations with China,” 31st July 2013.
  • Dr Nolwen Henaff, “Education and Poverty in Vietnam,” 17 April 2012.
  • Mr Mathieu Tromme, “Corruption in Vietnam,” 27 February 2012.
  • Professor Hermann Waibel, “Urban Migration and Income Improvement in Thailand and Vietnam,” 16 February 2012.



ISEAS has published research and analyses on Vietnam in various formats. Each edition of the bimonthly ISEAS Monitor and the annual Southeast Asian Affairs covers Vietnam. Scholarship and research on Vietnam frequently appear in the ISEAS journals Contemporary Southeast Asia, Journal of Southeast Asian Economies and SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia.

ISEAS Perspective Issues

Titles on Vietnam include the following:

Jason Morris-Jung Reflections on the Oil Rig Crisis: Vietnam’s Domestic Opposition Grows (30 July 2014)
John Lee Reforms Will Decide Vietnam’s Ability To Resist Economic Dominance By China (2 June 2014)
Huong Le Thu The Anti-Chinese Riots in Vietnam: Responses from the Ground (27 May 2014)
Le Hong Hiep Will Development Lead to Democratisation in Vietnam and China? (15 April 2014)
Huong Le Thu Bumper Harvest in 2013 for Vietnamese Diplomacy (23 January 2014)
Le Hong Hiep The One Party-State and Prospects for Democratization in Vietnam (9 Dec 2013)
Terence Chong Chinese Capital and Immigration into CLMV: Trends and Impact” (29 August 2013)
Ha Hoang Hop The Seventh Plenum of the Communist Party of Vietnam: The Gains of the Central Committee (12 July 2013)
Le Hong Hiep South China Sea Disputes Keep Vietnam – China Relations Cold (15 April 2013)
David Koh Vietnamese Reactions over the South China Sea: Divergence between Society and Government (21 January 2013)
David Koh The Sixth Plenum in Vietnam: Thunder Without Rain (29 October 2012)


Trends in Southeast Asia

Huong Le Thu Vietnam: Straddling Southeast Asia’s Divide (22 September 2014)
John Lee Reforms will Determine Degree of Vietnam’s Dependence on China (2 September 2014)
Ha Hoang Hop More Change Awaits Vietnam’s Political Economy (31 December 2013)


Working Papers

Vu Quoc Ngu The State-Owned Enterprise Reform in Vietnam: Process and Achievements Visiting Researchers Series No. 4 (2002)


ISEAS has published a wide range of influential monographs and edited volumes on Vietnam. These include the following titles

  • Jonathan D London (ed.), Education in Vietnam (2011)
  • Anita Chan (ed.), Labour in Vietnam (2011)
  • Philip Taylor, (ed.), Minorities at Large: New Approaches to Minority Ethnicity in Vietnam (2011)
  • Magali Barbieri, Daniele Belanger (eds.), Reconfiguring Families in Contemporary Vietnam (2009)
  • Philip Taylor, (ed.), Modernity and Re-enchantment: Religion in Post-revolutionary Vietnam (2007)
  • Jens Kovsted, John Rand, Finn Tarp, From Monobank to Commercial Banking: Financial Sector Reforms in Vietnam (2005)
  • Philip Taylor, (ed.), Social Inequality in Vietnam and the Challenges to Reform (2004)
  • Melanie Beresford, Tran Ngoc Angie (eds.), Reaching for the Dream: Challenges of Sustainable Development in Vietnam (2004)
  • Benedict J Tria Kerkvliet, David G Marr (eds.), Beyond Hanoi: Local Government in Vietnam (2004)
  • Pham Hoang Mai, Foreign Direct Investment and Development in Vietnam: Policy Implications (2003)
  • Hy V Luong (ed.), Postwar Vietnam: Dynamics of a Transforming Society (2003)
  • Benedict J Tria Kerkvliet, Russell Hiang-Khng Heng, David Koh Wee Hock, (eds.), Getting Organized in Vietnam: Moving in and around the Socialist State (2003)
  • Per Ronnas, Bhargavi Ramamurthy (eds.), Entrepreneurship in Vietnam: Transformation and Dynamics (2001)
  • Peter Boothroyd, Pham Xuan Nam (eds.), Socio-Economic Renovation in Vietnam (2000)
  • Suiwah Leung (ed.), Vietnam Assessment: Creating a Sound Investment Climate (2000)
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