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Research Areas

Regional Issues:

  • The South China Sea Dispute.
  • Maritime Security in Southeast Asia.
  • Japan’s strategic and commercial rebalancing towards Southeast Asia.
  • China’s economic interactions with Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar, and their strategic and political implications.
  • China’s Defense Diplomacy in Southeast Asia.
  • The evolution of ASEAN-based Asia-Pacific regional institutions and their ability to foster security cooperation with a particular focus on the East Asia Summit.
  • The roles and interests of Singapore and other Asian countries in the Arctic.

Southeast Asia, Politics and Related issues:

  • Myanmar:
    • Political and economic reforms
    • The role of the military in the present structure of the Myanmar state, in particular military-civil relations
    • Myanmar - USA Relations
    • Myanmar - China Relations
    • Myanmar - India Relations
    • Myanmar in ASEAN: Preparing for the Chairmanship of ASEAN
  • Vietnam:
    • Vietnam's political economy, political development and decision making mechanisms.
    • Vietnam's foreign policy especially relations with China, USA and the ASEAN.
    • The intersections of Vietnamese politics, society and environment, specifically the controversy over bauxite mining in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
    • Foreign investments in natural resource extraction in Vietnam and its political economy implications.
  • Thailand:
    • Political developments in Thailand
    • Regionalism in Thailand
    • Insurgency in Southern Thailand.
  • Indonesia:
    • Indonesia's foreign policy.
  • Philippines:
    • The ongoing peace process in Muslim Mindanao and the prospects for a political solution to the Moro Islamic insurgency.