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Contemporary Southeast Asia
The Regional Strategic and Political Studies (RSPS) programme publishes the internationally refereed journal Contemporary Southeast Asia three times a year. The journal carries articles and reviews of security and strategic issues, political developments, regionalism and international relations in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian Affairs
RSPS also publishes Southeast Asian Affairs, the annual review of Southeast Asian politics, security, economics and international relations. It is regarded as a flagship publication of ISEAS.


ISEAS Perspective

In FY2013-2014, RSPS researchers produced 23 articles for the ISEAS online journal ISEAS Perspectives. They were:

Peace’s Best Chance in Muslim Mindanao
17 Mar 2014

Japan Pursues a ‘Thailand-Plus-One’ Strategy
13 Mar 2014

Getting to Know the Contestants of the 2014 Indonesian Parliamentary Elections
10 Mar 2014

Sino-Malaysia Trade Ties Remain Strong But Complex
6 Mar 2014

China Adapts to New Myanmar Realities
3 Mar 2014

Expanding Cooperative Credit in Myanmar: Renaissance or Regression?
27 Jan 2014

Enmity in Myanmar against China

17 Feb 2014

Bumper Harvest in 2013 for Vietnamese Diplomacy
23 Jan 2014

Myanmar’s Central Bank Law Reveals Reform Challenge
13 Jan 2014

Is Myanmar Ready for the ASEAN Chair?
30 Dec 2013

Arctic Lessons: What the South China Sea Claimants can Learn from Cooperation in the High North
16 Dec 2014

Myanmar Pivots Awkwardly Away from China
12 Dec 2013

The One Party-State and Prospects for Democratization in Vietnam
9 Dec 2013

Strategic Distance is Favoured in China-Indonesia Ties
21 Nov 2013

Indonesian Presidential Election Forcing Rejuvenation of Parties
18 Nov 2013

Will Good Intentions in Indonesia’s Blueprint for Asia-Pacific Security Collide with Harsh Realities?
3 Oct 2013

The Evolution of National Security in Indonesia
9 Sep 2013

The Seventh Plenum of the Communist Party of Vietnam:The Gains of the Central Committee
12 Jul 2013

Whither China’s Myanmar stranglehold?
27 Jul 2013

China’s Economic Influence in Thailand: Perception or Reality?
11 Jul 2013

South China Sea Disputes Keep Vietnam-China Relations Cold

15 Apr 2013

Ethnic Insurgencies and Peacemaking in Myanmar
11 Apr 2013

Japan’s Growing Angst Over the South China Sea
8 Apr 2013


Trends in Southeast Asia

More Change Awaits Vietnam’s Political Economy

China’s economic engagement with Southeast Asia: Indonesia

China’s economic engagement with Southeast Asia: Thailand


Book Publications

Indonesia in ASEAN: Vision and Reality
Edited by Donald E Weatherbee
ISEAS Publishing 2013

Forthcoming Book Publications

Southeast Asia and its Naval Environment - Dr Vijay Sakhuja
China Seas and the Struggle for supremacy in Asia - Mr Michael Richardson
General Ne Win: A Political Biography - Professor Robert H Taylor
Templer and the Road to Malayan Independence: The Other Side of the Story - Dr Leon Comber
Government and Society in Brunei Darussalam - Dr Pushpa Thambipillai
Good Coup gone bad: Thailand’s development since Thaksin’s downfall - Edited by Dr Pavin Chachavalpongpun