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People: Visiting Researchers

Dr Siwage Dharma Negara

Designation: Visiting Fellow / RES

Research Interests: economic and development studies, regional economic integration, education, R&D and innovation

Email: siwage_dharma_negara@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704541

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Mr Stuart Larkin

Designation: Visiting Fellow / RES (Myanmar Studies Program)

Research Interests: Myanmar industrial development

Email: stuart_larkin@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704538

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Dr Porphant Ouyyanont

Designation: Visiting Senior Fellow

Research Interests: Thai Studies; Political Trends in Thailand

Email: porphant_ouyyanont@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704534

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Dr Jeff Tan Wooi Syn

Designation: Visiting Senior Fellow

Research Interests: Economics, Development Studies; Water Privatization, Entrepreneurship and Rent-Seeking in Malaysia

Email: jeff_tan@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704533

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Dr Zhao Hong

Designation: ISEAS Visiting Senior Fellow

Research Interests: Economics; Political Economy – China and Southeast Asia

Email: zhao_hong@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704531

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Dr Aris Ananta

Designation: Associate Fellow

Research Interests: Migration in Southeast Asia, Ethnicity and Religion, and Indonesian development; Labour Migration in Southeast Asia; Indonesian Economy and Society

Email: aananta@iseas.edu.sg

Personal website: www.mletiko.com

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Mr Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller

Designation: Visiting Senior Fellow

Research Interests: ASEAN-EU Relations, Politics and Economics; Futuristic Study on Asia

Email: jormol@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704525

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