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Project: Today’s Philippines

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Today’s Philippines

The Philippines economic, internal security and external security situations are all in a period of significant change. The economic and internal security ones are improving while the Philippines’ external security environment and its territorial dispute with China are becoming more severe. Through a variety of ISEAS and external publications and presentations, changes in the three areas and the policy responses to them will be the focus of the Today’s Philippines research project. On the economic front, particular focus will be placed on the improving macro-economic situation of the Philippines under the present Aquino administration and whether this is likely to continue after 2016. On the internal security front, particular focus will be placed on the implementation of the recent peace deal between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Muslim Mindanao. On the external security front, particular focus will be placed on the heightened security tensions with China and the deepening security relationship with the United States and Japan.

Research Outputs
ISEAS Perspective 2014/16
For more information on this research project, please contact Malcolm Cook: malcolm_cook@iseas.edu.sg