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Project: Reinforcing the Regional Architecture

Reinforcing the Regional Architecture
Image Copyright: U.S. State Department            

Asia-Pacific and East Asian regional economic and security institutions are being consolidated around ASEAN and are proliferating at the same time. This dual movement is putting pressure on ASEAN to manage its central role in these wider regional groupings and increasing the chances for overlap between regional institutions and agenda drift as well as declining relevance within the individual institutions. With a preliminary focus on the East Asia Summit, identified as the premier regional political and security forum, this project will analyse the different origins, mandates and functions of the key Asia-Pacific and East Asian regional bodies and how they interact with each other and serve their member states. Through a variety of ISEAS and external publications and presentations, the East Asia Summit will be the first focus as it is one of the newest ASEAN-centred regional bodies, includes all the key major external powers with interests in Southeast Asia, and suffers from the lack of a clear identity and purpose.     

For more information on this research project, please contact Malcolm Cook: malcolm_cook@iseas.edu.sg