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Project: Politics and Discourse of Chinese Natural Resource Extraction in Vietnam

The Politics and Discourse of Chinese Natural Resource Extraction in Vietnam

Chinese resource extraction is a highly politicized discussion in Vietnam today.  These discussions have been spurred on by concerns over China’s growing political and economic might around the world and, especially, in the region; China’s growing appetite for natural resources and raw materials; and the geo-political implications of large-scale resource extraction in certain regions.  This research project aims to develop a deeper understanding of these discourses and the political and economic realities that underlie them by examining them within three key contexts. 

The first key context is the global production of resource extraction, whose typically extensive global production networks complicate claims of “national interest” as driving resource extraction and accumulation. These claims also generate a slew of other important extractive sector issues that may be less easy to identify or find credible targets for blame.

The second is the context of China’s growing economic and political presence in Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region, particularly for its implications for Vietnam’s own socio-economic developmental models and options. 

The third is the context of Vietnam’s own domestic politics, wherein mobilization of anti-Chinese sentiment has generated some of the most significant expressions of public discontent with the party-state in decades and driven oppositional groups together. 

For more information on this research project, please contact Jason Morris-Jung: jason_morris-jung@iseas.edu.sg