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Project: Japan’s rebalance towards Southeast Asia

Japan’s rebalance towards Southeast Asia
Image Copyright: Malacanang Photo Bureau   

In the last decade, Japanese corporations and security policy-makers have increased their interest in and engagement with Southeast Asia as a region and with key Southeast Asian states. This enhanced engagement is being driven by powerful

domestic, economic and external security concerns in Japan and are and will create new opportunities and pose new policy challenges for Southeast Asian states. Through a variety of ISEAS and external publications and presentations, this research project will analyse the Japanese drivers of this dual rebalancing and the policy opportunities and challenges this poses for the affected ASEAN states. On the economic rebalance, particular focus will be placed on the different drivers and distribution of Japanese foreign direct investment in Southeast Asia in this second wave of Japanese investment into region compared with the first post-1985 wave. On Japan’s greater security engagement with Southeast Asian states, particular focus will be on the Japan-China-Southeast Asia strategic triangle.

Research Outputs

For more information on this research project, please contact Malcolm Cook: malcolm_cook@iseas.edu.sg