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 Access to NewsLink

You may access Newslink via the steps below. Newslink is available worldwide but you will have to login to the intranet to access the database.
Please note that access to NewsLink is strictly confined to ISEAS research staff. Please also note that concurrent excessive downloading/accessing of articles may cause our access to be temporarily suspended.
Step 1. To access Newslink you will need to login to the staff intranet. The intranet link is also available on the ISEAS homepage. You will need to request for your password to be sent to you if you have forgotten it.
Step 2. After logging into the intranet, hover over the Library label in the menu and click on the NewsLink hyperlink.
Step 3. Click on the "Access Newslink" button to open the database
Please contact the ISEAS Library at libcir@iseas.edu.sg if you encounter any problems accessing the database.

 Renewal of loans

Renewal of loans can now be made online at the comfort of your own home or office, 24 hours a day via the SEALion (Southeast Asian Library Integrated Online) Catalogue.

To renew your loans, please follow the following steps:

Step 1. Go to My Account.

Step 2. Click on Renew my materials.

Step 3. Enter your User ID and PIN and click List Charged Items.

Step 4. You may choose items to renew by selecting the book(s) using the checkbox(es) or use the Renew all option to renew all books (see circled in red) and click Renew Selected Items.

Please contact the ISEAS Library at libcir@iseas.edu.sg if you encounter any problems accessing the database.

Building Your Own Booklist in SEALion

To be able to refer to some library titles frequently, building your own booklist in SEALion makes this task easier and faster. 

Steps 1. Go to the online catalogue SEALion. Login to iLink (library user account) at the top right of the screen.

Steps 2. Click on “Permanent Lists” to create your own list. In the New List box, type the name you want to assign to the new list, and click Add List.

Steps 3. Start a search to find titles.

Steps 4. Click +My List for the items to include in the list.  Marked items can be unmarked by clicking -My List.

Steps 5. When you are done with the final title, click Permanent Lists.

Steps 6. You can remove some of the items in your booklist by selecting the check box by the titles to be removed and clicking Remove Checked Titles. To clear the list, click Remove All Titles.

Steps 7. You can choose the AllBrief, or Full View of Records to specify the level of detail to display for each record in the list.

Steps 8. From the permanent list page, you can choose to view the list online, print the list, or e-mail the list to an address you specify.

Use of Library Facilities 

  • Food and Drinks

There are water dispenser for users on each floor of the Library. Food and soft drinks are not permitted in the reading area of the Library as any accidental spillage could attract insects, including ants, that may harm the collections.

  • Handling original documents/photographs in the Library

The Library seeks users’ cooperation to wear lint-free cotton or latex gloves when handling original documents (including private papers) and photographs/colour slides. This is to prevent fingerprints, body oil from fingers, nail polish, residual chemicals from hand cream, sweat, etc from being transferred onto the materials while handling them with one's bare hands. Paper-based materials are sensitive to such materials as these materials can cause physical deterioration to the fabric structure and inks on the paper. Although these contaminants may not be visible on paper, their presence could be illustrated by the photograph below taken on an iPad.