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New Loan Quotas/Loan Period effective 5 Jan 2015

The Library has reviewed its loan policy in Dec 2014 and the changes are reflected in the table below:

Please contact the Circulations Desk at 68702 439 or libcir@iseas.edu.sg if you have further queries.

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Revised access policy for corporate users

Effective from 2 June 2014, a corporate user no longer needs to pay an annual/monthly/weekly subscription fee to access ISEAS Library and consult its reference materials on site. Upon completing registration  (click here to access registration form), the user can proceed to browse the Library collections on open shelves. Please note that for loan of books outside the Library, a refundable (subject to loan items returned without damages) security deposit of S$200 might be required according to the loan table available at: http://www.iseas.edu.sg/borrowing-privileges.cfm.    

Please contact the Circulations Desk at 68702 439 or libcir@iseas.edu.sg if you have further queries.

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Revised borrowing privileges for Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents who are pursuing degree(s) study in local institutions effective 2 Jan 2014

With effect from 2 Jan 2014, Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents pursuing degree(s) study in local institutions no longer need to pay a refundable deposit of S$200 in order to borrow open access and loanable library materials, up to 2 titles for 2 weeks. For higher volume of loan and longer loan period (above 2 titles and up to 15 titles and 3 weeks), a deposit is still needed.

Please contact the Circulations Desk at 68702 439 or libcir@iseas.edu.sg if you have further queries.

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Revised loan privileges for ISEAS researchers effective 2 May 2013
30 April 2013

The Library has further revised the loan quota and period for ISEAS researchers as the Library noticed that some researchers are approaching the 2012 loan limit of 40 titles. This revision is also to better meet the needs of our researchers by allowing more titles to be loaned out at any one time.

Effective 2 May 2013, the loan quota will be increased to 100 titles and loan period from six weeks to one year, subject to online renewal once every three months. Renewals may be done either through email or via the SEALion catalogue. The loan quota and loan period for the other users outside ISEAS will remain the same for the time being (40 titles for six weeks) but will be reviewed in Dec 2013.

Although items may be loaned for up to a year, they are still subject to recall if another researcher requires to access the material. The recall policy will be strictly enforced to ensure that all researchers are able to access and refer to the Library Collection notwithstanding the extended loan period:

  1. The full 12 months loan period is subject to no other researcher requesting the same title during the loan period.
  2. If a request is received for an charged item (either in person or by email), the Library will activate the recall mechanism for the book to be recalled within five working days.
  3. The Library will facilitate the photocopying of pages in accordance with the Copyright law if doing so can satisfy the urgent information needs of the second requestor. If not, the second requestor will be entitled to loan the item for a period of three weeks.
  4. The item will be charged out to the first researcher again once it is returned.

We hope the increased loan privileges and corresponding recall policy will further aid your research.

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Accessing SEALion, ISEAS Library Online Catalogue
11 April 2013

The ISEAS Library has migrated its Southeast Asian Library Integrated Online Catalogue (SEALion) back to Singapore.  Please click on the link below to visit the new site.


You would also need to update your web bookmarks, so that when you next access the database, the web browser in your computer will point to the new link.  

For information on how to update your bookmarks, you may want to check the Support pages of the respective browsers for more instructions.  

For your convenience, the link to the instructions on how to update bookmarks of a few commonly-used web browsers are found below.

For any questions pertaining to the use of SEALion Online Catalogue, please contact us at libcir@iseas.edu.sg.

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Access Policy for NUS, NTU and SMU staff and students
31 December 2012

The ISEAS Library has revised its access policy for NUS and NTU staff and students. Effective 2nd January 2013, students from NUS FASS/USP, NTU and SMU no longer need to produce a letter of introduction from their supervising authorities to access the ISEAS Library. The individual’s matriculation/staff card should instead be presented to the ISEAS Library Counter for registration purposes.

The ISEAS Library has a rich collection of primary and secondary research material on the applied social sciences in Southeast Asia. Besides the General Collection, the Library also has a collection of older statistical publications (1950s onwards) and regional newspapers which are difficult to obtain. Undergraduates reading modules from the departments of History, Southeast Asian Studies, Political Science and Sociology will find the collection especially useful to their research. You may browse the ISEAS Online Catalogue at this link: http://sealion.iseas.edu.sg/

Please contact the Circulations Desk at 68702 439 if you have further queries.

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