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Since 2013, ISEAS Library has started to subscribe to a number of electronic resources in support of the research needs of our researchers and staff. To date, library members have online access to nearly 10,000 e-journals, e-newspapers, e-magazines through 7 databases. 

To facilitate the discovery of all the subscribed e-journals & e-newspapers through a single access gateway and further improve on the searching experience, users may use the publication discovery platform that the Library has subscribed (since Nov 2014) to locate a particular e-journal or e-newspaper.

In using these resources which the Library does not own, users should abide with Copyright and usage rules imposed by the content owners.

E-journals via IP Access (Full-text Accessible within ISEAS)

American Economic Review (1999-)
American Economic Journal. Applied Economics(2009-)
American Economic Journal. Economic policy(2009-)
American Economic Journal. Macroeconomics (2009-)
American Economic Journal. Microeconomics (2009-)
American Political Science Review (2010-)
American Sociological Review (2004-)
Asian Affairs : An American Review (1997-)
Asian Affairs – London, (1997-)
Asia Pacific Viewpoint (1997-)
Asian Economic Journal
Asian Economic Papers (2002-)
Asian Economic Policy Review
Asian Journal of Political Science (1997-)
Asian Journal of Social Science (1973-)
Asian Pacific Economic Literature  (1997-)
Asian Studies Review (1997-)
Asian Survey (1961-)
Asia-Pacific Review (1997-)
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies(1965-)
China Quarterly(1960-2008)
China Quarterly (2010-2011)
Critical Asian Studies (2001)
Current History (Only Current Issue)
Development Policy Review (1997-) 
East Asian History, (1991-2001, Current Issue)
Economic Development and Cultural Change (Full access from 1952-2008, Partial access from 2010-)
Ethnic and Racial Studies (1997-)
Indonesia, (1966-)
Indonesia and the Malay World (1997-)
Indonesia Project (2008-)
International Journal of Asian Studies (2010-)
International Migration - Oxford (1997-)
International Migration Review (2001-)
International Political Sociology (2007-2013)
International Studies Perspective, (2000-2013)
International Studies Quarterly, (1967-2012)
International Studies Review, (1997-2013)
ISIS Focus (2008-2010)
Journal of Asian Studies (2004-)
Journal of Chinese Overseas (2005-)
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs (2009-)
Journal of Contemporary Asia (1997-)
Journal of Developing Societies (2002-)
Journal of East Asian Studies (2005-)
Journal of Economic Literature (1999-)
Journal of Economic Perspective (1987-)
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (1997-)
Journal of Political Economy (Full access from 1892-2008, Partial access from 2009-)
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (2001-) (latest year embargo) 
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (1997-)
Journal of Vietnamese Studies (2006-)
Modern Asian Studies (2000-2003, 2005-2011)
Nations and Nationalism (1997-)
Pacific Affairs (2005-)
Pacific Review (2005-) (latest issue embargo)
Perspectives on Politics (2003-2012)
Political Science Quarterly (1886-2013)
Population Studies (1985-)
PS: Political Science and Politics (2000-2012)
Rubaiyat: Thai Journal of Asian Studies
South East Asia Research (2000-)
Strategic Comments (2005-2013)
Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (2001-)
Third World Quarterly
World Economic Outlook (1999-)
World Policy Journal (2006-)
World Politics (2009-)

E-journals with password required (accessible only in ISEAS Library)

ASEAN Economic Bulletin 

Newspapers & Magazines

The Asahi Shimbun AJW (IP Access)
Business Times (Available at the Library)
Financial Times (Available at the Library)
The Edge Markets (Available at the Library)
Malaysiakini (Available at the Library)
Straits Times Online (Available at the Library)
South China Morning Post (Available at the Library)
Time (Available at the Library)
The Wall Street Journal (Available at the Library)
Zaobao (Available at the Library)


Bibliography of Asian Studies
Project Muse
Southeast Asian Serials Index (SASI) 
UN comtrade