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Journal of Southeast Asian Economies

The Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (JSEAE) is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on economic issues pertaining to countries in the region – defined as the ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Timor. JSEAE welcomes articles using orthodox economic approaches as well as those of a more heterodox nature. Oriented at both researchers and policy-makers, the journal seeks to reconcile the ideals of relevance, methodological rigour, and accessibility.

Published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies tri-annually, JSEAE includes: articles based on original research; research notes; review articles; and book reviews. Once a year, the Journal publishes a Special Issue devoted entirely to a topic of import for the region.

Up until April 2013, JSEAE was published as the ASEAN Economic Bulletin (AEB).  However, following new developments in the regional and global context, as well as the establishment of new multi-lateral trading agreements including countries in the region, the Directorship of ISEAS and AEB’s Editorial Board decided to change the journal’s name. While its name has changed, JSEAE remains committed to being the premier economic journal for Southeast Asian academicians and policy-makers, as well as anyone with an interest in the region.

All research articles in the journal have undergone rigorous peer-review. The process consists of initial screening by the Co-Editors and Assistant Editor, followed by double-blind refereeing; two reviewers for articles and one reviewer for research notes.

Journal of Southeast Asian Economies

Volume 31, Number 2

[formerly ASEAN Economic Bulletin]

Date of publication: Aug 2014

Call for Papers
Young Fellows Seminar,
37th Pacific Conference on Trade and Development (PAFTAD)
2–5 June 2015
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore
In June 2015, the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, will host the 37th Pacific Conference on Trade and Development (PAFTAD). The PAFTAD Conference series is an informal private academic conference series that, since its origins in 1968, has promoted research and ideas on trade and development issues as well as important economic policy questions facing the Asia-Pacific region. The 2015 Conference, which will be held from 3 to 5 June 2015, will focus on Asia and the Middle Income Trap. The Young Fellows seminar will take place in Singapore on 2 June 2015, immediately prior to the Conference. It is specifically aimed at attracting and assisting emerging economists and political scientists in the Asia-Pacific region to become involved with, and contribute to, the work of PAFTAD. It is widely considered one of the most distinguished Fellowships available to young researchers in this field. ISEAS will nominate a Fellow to present at the Seminar.
The criteria for the seminar are as follows:
? Individual Author, aged 35 years or younger at 30 June 2015.
? An unpublished empirical paper on any theme related to trade and economic development in the Asia-Pacific.
? 7,000–10,000 words (including 300 word abstract).
? No previous selection as a PAFTAD Young Fellow.
? Southeast Asian citizens are encouraged to apply.
The Fellowship Entitlements are as follows:
? Return economy airfare and transfers to Singapore from home institution.
? Registration for the Young Fellows seminar and PAFTAD conference.
? Accommodation for the duration of the Young Fellows Seminar and PAFTAD conference
(2–5 June 2015).
Fellowship responsibilities include:
? Presenting your paper at the Young Fellows seminar (2 June 2015).
? Acting as a discussant on another Fellow’s paper (2 June 2015).
? Attending and providing comments, where possible, on papers presented during the
PAFTAD conference (3–5 June 2015).
The Selection Committee will comprise the Co-editors of the Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (JSEAE).
To apply, please send your paper and a current résumé (including citizenship(s) and date of birth) to jseae@iseas.edu.sg by 28 February 2015. Please specify that you are applying for the PAFTAD Fellowship.