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Indonesia Studies Programme

About the Indonesia Studies Programme

The Indonesia Studies Programme at ISEAS promotes in-depth understanding of Indonesia through conferences, workshops, seminars, print and e-publications, and timely commentary in the international and local media. These serve as channels to inform scholars, policy-makers, journalists, the business community, diplomats and international organizations on pertinent developments in Indonesia today.

The programme is concerned with understanding the effects of political and economic reform in Indonesia following the end of the New Order era, especially with respect to the implementation of decentralization policies throughout the archipelagic nation. In addition, the programme is also paying special attention to the dynamics and implications of the Indonesian legislative and presidential elections in 2014.

The programme seeks to build and maintain institutional ties and scholarly exchange with academics, analysts, and centres involved in the study of contemporary Indonesia.

Current Researchers and Affiliates

Please contact the Acting Co-ordinator, Ulla Fionna ( ufionna@iseas.edu.sg ), for matters related to the Indonesia Studies Programme.

Past Affiliates

Taufik Abdullah Martin Panggabean Agung Wicaksono
Sulfikar Amir Anthony Reid Ian Wilson
Raden Alpha Amirrachman Reza Y Siregar Nugroho Wisnumurti
Adiwan Aritenang Iman Sugema Bernhard Platzdasch
Chatib Basri Rizal Sukma  
Soedradjad Djiwandono Priyambudi Sulistiyanto  
Richard Z Leirissa Eric Tagliacozzo  
Audrey Kahin Thee Kian Wie  
George McTurnan Kahin Ekawati S Wahyuni  
Okamoto Masaaki Donald Weatherbee  


Review of Indonesia Studies

The Review of Indonesia Studies is a premium publication that seeks to review the field of Indonesia studies and highlight emergent research on Indonesia. The publication will focus on contemporary Indonesia, especially research related to the political economy, domestic politics, and sociological trends of Indonesia. It will bring together some of the best scholarship on Indonesia from different hubs of Indonesia studies around the world and the region.


The Indonesian Elections 2014

This edited volume brings together original research to provide readers with a comprehensive account of the 2014 legislative and presidential elections. It offers crucial background information on the state of Indonesian politics leading to the elections, a thorough analysis of trends, institutions, and important actors associated with the campaign, and an interpretation of the outcomes, suggesting also their implications.


Re-mapping Indonesian Muslims’ Political Aspirations

This study asks the question of whether religious piety still seeks political expression in Indonesia. In doing so, it aims to understand the patterns and nuances of the actualisation of political Islamic aspirations among Indonesian Muslims. It investigates three main Muslim groups: the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah, members and cadres of Muslim-based political parties, and Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) members.



For upcoming seminars, please see our website.

Past seminars:



ISEAS has published research and analyses on Indonesia in various formats. Each edition of the bimonthly ISEAS Monitor and the annual Southeast Asian Affairs covers Indonesia. Scholarship and research on Indonesia regularly appear in the ISEAS journals Contemporary Southeast Asia, Journal of Southeast Asian Economies and SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia.

ISEAS Perspective Issues

Titles on Indonesia include the following:


Trends in Southeast Asia


ISEAS Publications

ISEAS Publications has published a wide range of monographs edited volumes on Indonesia, including:

Some of these titles are available in PDF and hardcopies. For a more comprehensive list, please check our bookshop.



Photos by Erlin Goentoro (ayorek.org) and Josh Estey. Used with permission.