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People: Fellows

Dr Cassey Lee Hong Kim

Designation: Senior Fellow

Research Interests: • ASEAN Economic Community • Competition Policy in ASEAN • Political Economy of Single Party Dominance in Southeast Asia • Political Economy of ASEAN Economic Integration

Email: cassey_lee@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704505

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Dr Francis E. Hutchinson

Designation: ISEAS Senior Fellow & Coordinator of Regional Economic Studies Programme

Research Interests: Political Economy, Public Policy; Federalism in Malaysia The SIJORI Cross-Border Region Decentralization and Fiscal Federalism in Southeast Asia

Email: fhutchinson@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704543

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Dr Lee Poh Onn

Designation: ISEAS Senior Fellow

Research Interests: Natural resource and environmental management issues, economic development and economic history

Email: polee@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704522

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Ms Sanchita Basu Das

Designation: ISEAS Fellow; Lead Researcher, ASEAN Studies Centre

Research Interests: International Trade; Regional Economic Integration; Southeast Asian Economies

Email: sanchita@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704511

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