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People: Fellows

Mr Daljit Singh

Designation: ISEAS Senior Research Fellow; Coordinator; Editor Southeast Asian Affairs

Research Interests: Major power policies/interests in Southeast Asia, maritime security and the geopolitical implications of South China Sea disputes, the regional security architecture

Email: daljit@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704501

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Dr Tin Maung Maung Than

Designation: ISEAS Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests: Politics and development in Myanmar, political culture and democratisation, ASEAN political co-operation

Email: tin@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704504

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Dr Ian J. Storey

Designation: ISEAS Senior Fellow; Editor-in-Chief Contemporary Southeast Asia

Research Interests: Asian security issues, Southeast Asia's relations with China, the United States and Japan, the South China Sea dispute, maritime security in the Asia Pacific, China's foreign and defence policies

Email: ijstorey@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704507

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Dr Malcolm Cook

Designation: ISEAS Senior Fellow

Research Interests: The Philippines, Southeast Asia regionalism, major powers’ regional interests

Email: malcolm_cook@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704524

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Dr Ulla Fionna

Designation: ISEAS Fellow

Research Interests: Indonesian politics, political Islam and role of party organisation in election campaigns

Email: ufionna@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704520

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