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Seminar on The 2014 Indonesian Presidential Election: An Assessment

Date : Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014
Time : 10.00 am - 12.00 noon

ISEAS Seminar Room II

About the Seminar

This seminar will assess the results of the July 9 presidential election and consider the immediate future trends in Indonesian politics and society.

In the 2 or 3 months leading to the Indonesian presidential election, all polls showed that front-runner Joko Widodo’s substantial lead had diminished.  This seminar argues that the well-financed “black campaign” against Widodo is able to have this impact primarily because his campaign failed to respond aggressively to two major issues. The first is the link between foreign involvement in the Indonesian economy and widespread poverty. The second is the threat to democratic rights and a return to New Order-style politics represented by his rival, Prabowo Subianto. The seminar will consider the argument that these weaknesses are more detrimental to Widodo’s campaign than any perceived strengths on the part of Prabowo. 

The election campaigns have divided the Indonesian elite and public, and the division will not disappear whoever wins the election. While this divide has been framed by the rivalry between Widodo and Prabowo, will this continue to be the case, or will other figures or political agencies emerge onto the scene? What is behind this divide, and are there other potential divisions? This seminar will consider how this divide or others will manifest itself in Indonesian politics in the immediate term.

The e-flyer is available at this link.

For registration, please fill in this form and email to iseasevents3@iseas.edu.sg by 15 Jul 2014.

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