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IT Unit

IT Unit (Head: Mr Eric Wong)

The IT Unit serves the Institute through implementing new technologies, maintaining IT infrastructure, and providing technical services and support.

It maintains the Institute’s network infrastructure, which contains high-speed Gigabit Ethernet (GE) as the backbone and fast Ethernet connection to the desktops.The WAN (Wide Area Network) Connections are linked to ISP for Internet access and include a leased line connection to SOE WAN for accessing Government Services.

With limited available resources, the Unit maintains more than 15 servers running on different operating systems and supporting more than 125 workstations. The Unit does regular backup of various ISEAS systems, creates desktop image of workstations for easy recovery and coordinates with the vendor for regular off-site storage of backup tapes. It maintains various databases and applications and provides helpdesk and technical support services to researchers and other units.

The IT Unit also maintains the computerised smart card security system and sets up necessary access rights to various parts of the Institute’s building.

It develops various IT policies and after approval by ISEAS Management, implements and familiarizes users with them.

The unit regularly updates the ISEAS website and also ISEAS’ Facebook and Twitter pages.