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Borrowing Privileges


As the ISEAS Library is primarily a reference Library, only individuals affiliated with ISEAS (such as in-house researchers and staff) are automatically entitled to borrow books from the Library. Individuals who are not affiliated with ISEAS may be granted personal loan privileges (please refer to the privileges table below) upon provision of a refundable deposit of S$200. The deposit will be returned upon cessation of loans with the Library and return of all Library books in good condition.

Alternatively loans may be arranged via interlibrary loans with another Library. There is no deposit required in this case. Please refer to the loan items section below for information on the loan periods granted.

Library card

Users need to supply a passport size photograph (digital or print copy) for the library card and pay a one-time processing fee of S$10.00.

Loan Items

There are varying periods of loans depending on the categories of users and materials. Please refer to the table below for loan periods for different user categories.

Library members who fail to return the loaned titles or damage the loaned titles shall pay a replacement fee, which is based on the actual cost of replacing the lost item or damaged item plus a S$30 administrative fee (for technical processing which include labelling and RFID tagging, etc). Alternatively, the borrower may purchase the same item or a more recent edition to be given to the Library as a replacement and only pay the S$30 administrative fee.

The Library reserves the rights to withdraw membership of users who misplace or damage loaned titles without proper accounting for such losses.