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APEC Economic Trends and Priorities:
Innovate for a Better Future with Sustainable Growth
16 Apr 2014

In this seminar, representatives of the Policy Support Unit - the research and analysis arm of APEC - will present the latest APEC Economic Trends Analysis report as well as APEC priorities and the work agenda for 2014. Some key considerations include how APEC could explore new areas of growth, promote regional connectivity, and support the multilateral trading system.

The discussion will have a special focus on innovation as a pathway for APEC to achieve sustainable growth and bridge gaps in employment and living standards. The Global Financial Crisis has left APEC with a twin challenge of decelerating labor productivity and employment growth. Economic turnaround is a pre-requisite for a revival in employment and productivity but that in and of itself may not be sufficient. The dual task of sustainably raising productivity while at the same time ensuring robust job creation depend critically on an ability to attain higher production efficiency through more innovation.

The full program is available at this link.

For registration, please fill in this form and email to iseasevents3@iseas.edu.sg by 15 April 2014.

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