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Administration (Head: Mrs Y.L. Lee)

The Singapore Government’s annual grant, through the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, is the major source of ISEAS funding. For FY2011/12, ISEAS received an operating grant of $11,714,288, which included the IT/F&E operating grant of $446,976.

  • The operating grant was 1.8 per cent lower than the grant of $11,932,369 received in FY2010/11. This decrease was mainly due to the payment of a lower annual variable bonus of 1.25 months. The operating grant covered the cost of the physical infrastructure (building rental and maintenance), purchase and maintenance of equipment, library acquisitions and maintenance, staff salaries and some of the research and publication activities

  • In addition to the annual government grant, ISEAS also received a sum of $1,913,354 from other sources in FY2011/12. These comprised of donations, grants and contributions from external sources (international agencies, foundations, co-partners of research projects and conferences) and domestic private benefactors, as well as income from training programmes, public lectures and research consultancies. The largest grant of $415,306 was donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The monies received from the various sources helped to fund fellowships and scholarships, research projects, conferences and seminars and some staff salaries. The Finance Section was responsible for the accounting records kept to audit requirement and it also allocated incomes and expenditures to the different Units of ISEAS.